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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Can Doubling Out-of-State Students Save Berkeley's Budget?

Over the years, UC officials have grasped at many budgetary straws, and the one that is now circulating in the press is the claim that UC Berkeley can recover from its two-year 25% cuts in state funds by doing many small things, above all by admitting more out of state students.

Can it? I'm not going to talk about the impact on diversity, education, and California society of shifting to more out of state students (diversity is already struggling), but will stick with doing the arithmetic on the budget question.
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AndrewD said...

Strictly the article for UCSD says: "The downsizing includes at least 172 layoffs, 222 positions left vacant and 428 that have been eliminated, said Stacie Spector, associate vice chancellor for communications."

Not clear whether people were "eliminated" along with the positions or whether this was normal turnover that left vacant positions that were then eliminated.

Either way, the increased workload on remaining staff is real, and almost certainly not evenly distributed!

AndrewD said...

Sorry should have been with previous blog article on layoffs.

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