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Monday, April 23, 2012

Monday, April 23, 2012

Links for April 23, 2012

Davis student protester expelled: reinstated after students protest his expulsion.

How did the Katehi administration mess up with OccupyLet us count the ways....

If you want to support the "Davis Dozen" here are some ways.

IS the UCB PD targeting protest leaders?

Are Community Colleges going to ration enrollment as Community Colleges criticize themselves, while some ponder privatization?

LAT is ambiguous on Perez tax plan.  Criticizes focus on UC rather than CC. Here is another take on the proposal.

More CA students heading to out-of- state public universities as part of a tuition-discount program.

Peter Schrag has some thoughts on zoning and denying the poor equal education.

Are "robo-graders" the future?  Doesn't look like it if we care about education.  Then again....

The battle against the high pricing of academic journals continues.

Student strike in Quebec continues.

I'm sure you will be stunned to know that Grayling's for-profit venture in England has targeted private school graduates rather than state school graduates.


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