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Monday, June 24, 2013

Monday, June 24, 2013

Campus Administrators and State Legislators Really, Really, Really Need to Read This Article

Chris has an analysis in today's Inside Higher Education that takes a careful look at the financial numbers of the Georgia Tech/Udacity deal creating an online Masters of Computer Science.  Based on the contract information obtained by Ry Rivard of IHE, Chris shows that while this is clearly a good deal for Udacity it is much less clear that Georgia Tech is gaining much in terms of revenue or capacity.   The bottom line seems to be that Universities would be much better off generating their own platforms and deploying their own faculty, staff, and graduate students if they want to move more fully into online experimentation.  The other bottom line is that the most fundamental value is being created not by the platforms, or by administrators overseeing platforms, but by the faculty and course designers working at ground level.

Chris's analysis can be found HERE.

Rivard's article on the contract can be found HERE.


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BSC (Hons) in IT said...

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