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Friday, March 21, 2008

Friday, March 21, 2008

Columns by UC's New President

Mark Yudof has been nominated to move from being the head of the University of Texas system to the presidency of the University of California system. I'm completely relieved that we found someone who has been running a big public university system and who has a record of fighting state governments for more public funding. Basic arithmetic shows that public universities are great only when they receive serious public funding: here's my Planning and Budget committee report on the UC case.

Here are two pieces by Yudof, both originally published in the Chronicle of Higher Education. The first is on the decline of public funding for public higher ed, and the second on the value of university systems to their states.

There are things to debate, but I'm also relieved that we may get a president who's given public funding this much lucid thought, and started writing about it in the early 1990s.


jkl said...

Chris, but what are your thoughts about the fact that Yudof oversaw the massive and now irreversible tuition deregulation plan while he was chancellor of the UT system?

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