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Monday, November 10, 2008

Monday, November 10, 2008

Colleges Told to Get In Line

The Obama campaign never bar0cked the higher ed agenda: its programs for increasing student aid and research funding have been modest. Even the apparent big ticket item -- doubling scientific research in 10 years -- is if you do the math pretty much what we had under Clinton and Bush Junior. (Money doubles every 10 years at a little over 7% annual compounded increases, which means maybe 3.5% real annual increases after inflation.)

Now expectations are being lowered even further, according to this story in today's Chronicle of Higher Education.

It would be nice to be sure that the Obama Administration's tacit motto were NOT "first money to the banks, then we'll see what's left over."


Unknown said...

i think it's a very bold decision for a students which are researcher or a working for there education assignments , and they have not very much money to full fill there researches or some are capable in a Online Math Practice and they have not much resources for that, Good work Mr. Obama. Thank you for that.

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