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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

UCSB Day of Action Sept 24

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Anonymous said...

So, imma let you finish, but the UC is the greatest public univeraity in the world! In the World!

Jack Chen said...

Kanye, it's not like you to comment anonymously!

Anonymous said...

So let's get this straight: The unions gouge the UC for huge increases in pay, citing cost of living but ignoring the general economy and the UC budget.

The students protest fees, ignoring the fact that for most of them, financial aid and tax credits more than make up any difference, and that the UC is far cheaper than other good state universities in the US.

And faculty with grants pay themselves more from those funds to avoid furloughs, while people at the Medical Center gouge themslesvs on big profits.

But those parts of the university where there are neither profits to share, not grants to exploit, nor labs to launder federal money, where people already teach a whole lot more and earna whole lot less, those parts aren't even allowed to be angry atthe inequity? Puh-lease.

Gerry Barnett said...

Anger at inequity is allowed, as is rage against the machine and belief in an invisible sun, but perhaps anger is not the most productive response. How did those parts of the university end up teaching a lot more and earning a lot less? Is it worth looking at that? or what the road is from here for those parts? Or is it perpetual victimhood leading to a chronic license to vent, which may feel just, but administratively is *entirely* acceptable because it represents a mostly useless response to changing things. Beyond grumping, how does one re-establish funding in these areas to the kind of support and respect they deserve?

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