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Friday, November 6, 2009

Friday, November 6, 2009

UC Berkeley's Senate Endorses Cut in Athletics Aid

Having learned that Berkeley's Department of Intercollegiate Athletics is running losses that the campus administration was covering, the Division Senate voted 91-68 for an immediate end to loans and subsidies.  The Resolution starts on page 5 of the Notice of the meeting, and the Division had posted background materials.  ASUC also passed a resolution calling for an end to the use of any student fees for the "direct or indirect benefit" of Intercollegiate Athletics.  The Berkeley Senate has also posted background financial data on Berkeley athletics and the history of silently covering its financial losses.


Anonymous said...

Is there a list of who voted yes and who voted no?

Anonymous said...

And how do we get other campuses to release financial data on their athletics departments?

Chris Newfield said...

senate votes don't usually have rollcalls - just vote totals, at least in my division.

for each campus, one could see if the Senate Council for Planning and Budget has this info, or ask athletics, or look at published financial schedules to compare revenues and expenditures for athletics (if intermural is broken out correctly), and then request specific information from the budget office if what you are looking for is not available. UC public recordkeeping is not ideal . . .

Anonymous said...
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