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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Pop the Mace

Bob Samuels reports, "First of all, they voted to change fees to tuition without discussion and with a quick vote. I thought this was a historic move, but the regents did not think it was a big deal. Then  they went out of their way to connect the student fee increase to the need to fund the pension for the workers and the faculty.  Outside students were arrested and pepper sprayed, and one police officer pulled a gun on a student after the student took the officer’s baton.  They will vote on the fee hike on thurs. People are working behind the scenes to delay the increase."

News and Video with a horrible commercial:

SF Chronicle: has pictures of the protests, including this especially resonant one

Emotional confrontation:

Daily Cal: comes with pepper spray. Also this comment, reasonable in a normal world: ""Now (the regents) heard our concerns, maybe they'll alter some of the plans they've been making," said Ruben Santos, a custodian at UC Davis who is also an ASFSCME member, of regents meeting protests."

Occupy California

Cloudminder says: "Pitts was the pitts today- no real research has been done on non resident placement after graduation- here is the student regent account of the Pitts presentation:
"Provost Pitts talk to the Ed Policy Committee on the issues of nonresident enrollments. The UC Commission on the Future was suggesting that the nonresident enrollment be increased and then capped at 10%. It is currently at 6.5%. Regents had mixed reactions – a couple of the Regents remarked on the capacity issue of our campuses, and asked how nonresident enrollment increases were not going to knock out California residents. Other regents questioned why there is a specific cap of 10%, when the current enrollment percentage is not a capped percentage. Other Regents asked what are the results of these nonresident enrollments – do these nonresidents stay in the state after they leave? While data shows that 2 out of 3 nonresidents decide to stay in California for graduate school, we do not know how much of these nonresidents stay and work in California."

it was embarrassing how many times Pitts had to say 'i don't know those numbers ill have to get back to you- or maybe i'll get back to you' just a friggin embarrassment- does the man not have a well paid staff?!

other funny stuff
Blum's comment about talking to someone close to him about "our tea party friends" and how likely they are to help with discussions with OMB and NIH

and Eddie Island asking Taylor - why did you makes us just listen to your 20 minute presentation on UC finances.

comedy central should let their cameras


Anonymous said...

The meeting was depressing and appalling. One significant decision after another being made by uninformed pupppets with barely a basic understanding of what their votes mean for the University. Now it's back to their sheltered, privileged private lives for another two months.

Catherine Liu said...

This would be funny if it were a true Comedy of Errors. Unfortunately, the Regents don't care if they don't know what a university is, or how to run one.

Bronwen Rowlands said...

Do we need to fight for Free Speech here at Berkeley all over again? Will we even win this time? A very disturbing development yesterday: campus police were stopping & writing up students who posted flyers showing photos of the police officer who drew a gun on protestors at the Regents meeting Wednesday. And stopping students who wrote in chalk on Sproul Plaza.
A cop strolled down my hallway yesterday looking for flyers to pull down.

A community meeting was called to discuss student safety and the disastrous fee increase/pension "reforms." The cops were attempting to stop communications about that meeting. At the end of the video below, you'll see Alameda County Sheriff's officers patrolling Dwinelle Hall where the meeting was to be held. Did the meeting happen? Does anybody know?


There's a protest happening right now. Students are "chalking" at Dwinelle, at Wheeler, followed by a group of police. Now they've moved to California Hall, the Chancellor's Office. I hear chanting.

Bronwen Rowlands said...

Follow "ucbprotest" on Twitter for live protest updates.

Anonymous said...

Just read the quote from Richard Blum suggestion that the problem with the UC pension are the result of unions not wanting to pay their fare share.

Right. It's all our fault.

cloudminder said...

couple of other things on the regents meeting this week;
did you catch where either Blum or Gould was praising Yudof as an agent of change and telling folks how much resistance from the campuses Yudof is met with -- simple things like procurement. Then, in the next breath they said that the Chancellor group is woefully underpaid for the wonderful jobs they do. wouldn't the Chancellors wonderful job performance also include successful advancement of Yudof's initiatives? - if those initiatives are indeed so wonderful? so then if campus resistance is successful what does that really say about chancellor performance?

also, as i think about the failure to have data on non residents after graduation etc. -as stated above- I am left wondering what kind of numbers we have for residents after graduation etc.? how good is the data for those other groups? what kind of job does UC do on career placement for them after graduation? if they are being charged more for tuition how are these services being improved and expanded? oh, they aren't...
they think chalk and fliers are evil?!?!
i hear full TSA pat downs will be included at Mission Bay on the next round. Here's what we're in for:

it is sad - chalk people! chalk!

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