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Monday, October 31, 2011

Monday, October 31, 2011

Links for Monday: Trick or Treat Edition

Is that a costume you're wearing? Gov. Jerry Brown comes as the Honest Republican, proosing that California seek another Bottom-5 ranking, this one for oldest workforce unable to retire on their pensions.

The relevant UC Senate committee comes as the Partner in Reform, responding that the many good parts of Brown's proposal are the same as recent UC pension changes.

UCLA Management professor David Lewin comes as a Mangement Consultant, but offers the most incisive perspective on pension reform, similar Republican measures in other states, and the downside for both the economy and future retirees.

Digby comes as the Angry Middle, tracing one-way austerity to hijacked tax policy.

The UC Berkeley Labor Center comes as the Debate Reframer, analyzing how the systematic destruction of retirement risk-pooling has spread retirement insecurity

Coming as the Pained Observer of Endless Non-accountability, David Dayen chronicles the nothingburger of non-penalties for massive mortage fraud, with ominous forebodings of a non-recovery in mortgage Chernobyls like California.

The Center on Budget and Policy Priorities comes as the Party Pooper, noting Democrats throwing away their high card on issues like Social Security -- cost-sharing for better overall social results.

My friend Jan comes as the Angry Trader, wondering when they'll spin a UC campus off as a Special Investment Vehicle so she can short it. 

President Emeritus of St Lawrence University Daniel F. Sullivan comes as the Higher Learning

Happy Halloween!


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