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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Links for March 22 2012

Reclaim UC offers more on the remarkable "stay away" orders to students. Objections to the orders are growing.

The Robinson/Edley committee will be reporting their thoughts on UC Policing at next week's Regents' meeting.

Is UC violating the Public Records Act by not releasing portions of the Pepper Spray Report? (h/t Dan Mitchell)

CSU is not admitting any students for spring 2013.  They are cutting back admissions elsewhere as well.

Looks Like UCLA's "Luskin Conference Center" actually is being subsidized by the University not the Luskins.

Private College Tuition just keeps going up.

Paul Ryan wants to limit Pell Grants; tries to blame them for budget deficit.

Michigan outlaws GSR unionization.

New Study argues that Freshman Composition courses are not teaching students how to analyze texts critically.

Academic Medical Centers may lose up to 10% of their funding.

CUNY faculty sue to protect GE requirements.

Comparing faculty pay rates across national lines.

There is a renewed call for making the arts more of an emphasis in higher ed.


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