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Friday, June 22, 2012

Friday, June 22, 2012

Links for Friday June 22, 2012

The California Cigarette Tax has been defeated.

Here are some details on the budget agreements.

CPB offers an analysis of Brown's plans for "realignment."

At Berkeley the implementation of "shared services" is postponed.  You will be stunned to learn that OE didn't really think things through sufficiently.

AFSCME protests as negotiations with UC start.

UC drops lawsuit against "Farm" protesters.

In case you aren't bored yet with all the shenanigans in the Old Dominion: It looks like the BOV may reconsider Sullivan's firing.  Although not if Dragas has her way.   The Interim President seems to have realized that he will have to rejoin his colleagues after his term.

Krugman on the pathologies of privatization.

House Committee wants a 10% cut to NEH.

Coalition on the Academic Workforce releases report on the condition of contingent academic labor.  It is really bad.

Europe may do something for growthDoesn't look like it is enough though.

More analysis of Michael Gove's plan to send England back to the 1950s.


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