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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Links for Thursday June 26, 2012

Is UC "starving the humanities"?

In another display of leadership, UC Berkeley scrambles aboard the MOOC bandwagon.  Bousquet offers thoughts on the MOOC model.

Irvine to start new School of Education.  (t/h Cloudminder)

Berkeley negotiates new Federal ICR rates.  I thought UCOP was supposed to do this sort of thing for all campuses?

Physical campuses remain essential.

Is UC Davis facing another scandal?

Memo to digital zealouts: it turns out that computers are NOT the best metaphor for the human brain.

Private colleges try to deny that unions might help their teaching assistants.

Even the Obama administration thinks that the private student loan market needs to be reconstructed.

Even Peter Jackson couldn't make this movie:  university gives faculty influence on determining which administrators are actually necessary.

Don't buy the media line:  public worker unions are not the cause of city bankruptcies.

College Tuition in England to rise again next year.  Oh, and Osborne's austerity policies are leading to a terrible double-dip recession.

There are still a whole host of questions about the UCLA Hotel and the Regents approval.  (t/h  Dan Mitchell)

Who actually enrolls in online programs?

UCONN and Webster Bank ally to build new basketball arena.   

Peter Navarro calls out Public No More authors for self-interest and shortsightedness

Geithner investigating Britain's role in the LIBOR scandal.  What is that phrase about the pot calling...


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