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Saturday, December 8, 2012

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Let There Be Confusion

As part of the continuing effort to remake UC in the vision of modern advertising and finance where the only important activity is the constant exchange of meaningless images, UCOP has decided to remove the old seal of the University and replace it with a brand new pointless logo.  Welcome to the 21st Century University I guess:

Let's see: on the left there is a book, a name, a tradition, and a commitment to increasing knowledge and to disseminating knowledge.  On the right there is.....

Maybe this is what Peter Taylor means when he talks about transparency and innovation at the University


xicano said...

I couldn't have said it better. I guess now I work for a low-flow toilet company!?* Not a pretty thought, but I can already see Yudof in plumber pants.

cloudminder said...

maybe an allusion to intestinal fortitude

it is hideous

and one has to wonder how much was spent on this crappy thing.

Anonymous said...

How much did this abomination cost us? from let there be light, to down the toilet-- the UC story.
there is a petition already to stop it:

Chris Newfield said...

It is painfully sad.

It's an emission from a PR bubble world with no contact with the actual university.

The idea that an office in UCOP could just change the seal of the university after 145 years and for hundreds of thousands of current employees and students is mindboggling and outrageous.

The unconscious of an admin trying to keep UC in the air barely at treetop level is that the C doesn't make it around the circle. A few campuses fade out? California resident students don't have places?

It would be nice to hear a peep from the Senate. Campuses should just ignore this and carry on with the seal.

Anonymous said...

A banana slug making a slow circuit of the UC system, leaving a trail of slime behind.....

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