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Monday, January 21, 2013

Monday, January 21, 2013

Thoughts and Deeds of Mark G. Yudof: A Resignation Reader

Mark Yudof in 2008, before his arrival at the University of California

These materials will be expanded and edited on a rolling basis.

1992, May 13: Mark Yudof, "The Burgeoning Privatization of State Universities, CHE
2002, January 13: Mark Yudof, "Is the Public Research University Dead?" CHE
2004, March 12: Mark Yudof, "What if the Yankees Were Run Like a Public University?" CHE
2008, February 15: Mark Yudof, ""Are University Systems a Good Idea?" CHE
2009: Feburary 20: "UC and CSU: Cut Again" (Newfield)
2009, June 17: Mark Yudof on the UC budget and variations of furloughs
2009, June 30: Mark Yudof and Richard Blum to UC Faculty Associations on Budget Cuts (with reminder that faculty are not to address Regents directly)
2009, September 24: Mark Yudof in the New York Times: "being president of the University of California is like being manager of a cemetery  . . ."
2009, September 30: "Mark Yudof Says Yes-No to the Public Option" (Newfield)
2009, December 9: Time Magazine letters on selection of Mark Yudof as a Top-10 college president
2010, May 2: Mark Yudof to the Chronicle of Higher Education, explaining his repeated rhetorical question "who is going to pay the salary of the English department"? (Response to Robert Watson, "The Humanities Really Do Produce a Profit," CHE March 21, 2010).
2010, May 23: "Strange Defeat" (Meranze)
2010, June 6: "Same Flat Revenues, Same Flat Pitch: How to do Better" (Newfield)
2010, August 27: "Why Did Mark Yudof Discuss the Pension Report Ahead of Its Release?" (Newfield)
2011, January 11: Mark Yudof's BMOC Interview with Patt Morrison, Los Angeles Times(h/t Cloudminder)
2011, January 16: "Ending a Bad UC Week: What Points Might Help Turn Things Around?" (Newfield)
2011, May 24: "Whose University: On Yudof and 'Us'" (Reclaim UC)
2011, July 13, "Feeding the Cuts, Part 1" (Newfield)
2011, December 11: "There Are Alternatives to the Yudof Privatization Story" (Newfield)
2012, February 9: "Have We Protected Poor Students from Debt?" (Newfield)
2012, March 8: Mark Yudof to UC Community on campus climate, provoked by heckler at UC Davis's "Israeli Soldiers Speak Out"
2012, April 12: "That Was the Week that Was (UC Policing)" (Meranze)
2012, June 29: Mark Yudof on 2012-2013 Budget (declaration of victory for advocacy program)
2012, September 19: "Progress at the Regents' Retreat" (Newfield)
2012, November 12: "The UC Regents' Budget: The Trouble with the Prop 30 Norm" (Newfield)


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