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Monday, April 8, 2013

Monday, April 8, 2013

Students and Staff Strike Against Privatization

Morten Watkins
On March 29th, students at University of Sussex who had been protesting the privatization of the University were evicted from Bramber Hall after eight weeks of occupation.  Students arrested at these protests will be going on trial later in April.  Protests will continue however.  You can find out more information at Sussex Against PrivatizationThe Independent has more coverage of where things are heading.

On this side of the Atlantic, students at Indiana University are planning a strike for this week (to coincide the meeting of their University Regents).  Students there are protesting the ongoing and deeply entrenched austerity which has not only driven up student tuition but also imposed inadequate wages and benefits on staff.  You can find out more information at IU on Strike.  Some Coverage can be found as well at The Nation.

These are both ongoing actions and we will try to keep you abreast of new information.  We would welcome people from either Indiana or Sussex who want to use the comments to provide updates.  Feel free to sign in as anonymous if you feel the need to.


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