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Monday, January 23, 2012

Monday, January 23, 2012

Links for January 23, 2012

Students at Riverside Protests offered the Regents a civics lesson on the right of assembly.

Of course that didn't stop police from arresting two and using plastic pellets on others.

For those of you who missed it, Nathan Brostrom and Patrick Lenz offered a power-point version of UCOP's analysis of the Budget at Last week's Regent's meeting.  Here is the more old-fashioned form.

The Regents got a report on Diversity at UC.  Spoilers:  Could be better.

Sign of the Times department:  UCSF offers its justification for its bid to get a new relationship with UC.   Apparently they only get 200M in base state support.

UC Plans to place new campus of Lawrence Berkeley lab in Richmond.

At Berkeley protesters succeed in getting administration to return to full hours at Anthropology Library.

The problems facing mid-year transfers this year continue to grow.

UCLA is planning on selling its Japanese Tea Garden and Cultural Center for some cash.

States are looking to cut support for higher education even further while tightening control.  State support for Higher Ed dropped nearly 8% last year.

And just so you know, Moody's says the financial outlook for colleges and universities is mixed.

Yves Smith wonders if the Obama administration is going to shift pension funds over to banks.

Dianne Ravitch discusses the assault on public education.

And while we are all enjoying our apple products...

Photo: UCR protesters link arms - KTLA-TV


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