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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Links--Martin Luther King's Birthday Special Edition

Senator Lieu proposes capping CSU Presidents' salaries.  Senator Yee proposes extending administrative salary cap to UC.

Brown proposes limiting access and benefits of Cal Grants.

Out-of-State and International Applications to UC are up dramatically.

California Leads Nation in Unaccredited schools.

K-12 Districts can't plan in face of Budget Uncertainties.

UT-Austin prepares to raise Tuition.

Texas Hopes to align Higher Ed closer to the job market.

East Coast Elite worries they are losing control over early admission process.

Romney Tries to Drum up Support for For-Profit College; Doesn't mention its cost or the fact that its head is one of his donors.

On Solitude and against the "New Groupthink."

Photos: (Jerry Brown) Justin Sullivan/Getty Images, (Mitt Romney) Joe Raedle/Getty Images


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