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Friday, August 21, 2009

Friday, August 21, 2009

Chris Newfield in Chronicle not today but some ten months ago (corrected and updated)

I draw your attention to Chris's commentary in the Chronicle a prescient ten months ago, which is archived under the "UC and CSU Statements." You can also read it here. This is probably somewhere on the site already, since it is a historical document, but it's worth reading again. (Thanks, Anonymous, for the correction! I still wish I had a strike-through option.)

While I'm correcting myself, do take a look at the UCB furlough information, now posted under "Furlough News."


Anonymous said...

The commentary is dated October 31, 2008.

Jack Chen said...

Whoops, will make that correction. Thanks! Funny, I got it in my CHE "Academe Today" mailing.

Anonymous said...

since you mention UCB furlough news:

according to one berkeley faculty member,
berkeley nonetheless unilaterally decreased the number of instructional days: giving the finger both to the other campuses and to provost pitts.


Anonymous said...

click on the link to delong's blog for the info

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