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Monday, August 10, 2009

Monday, August 10, 2009

I Have Some Questions

My vacation greatly improved my general attitude. Then I caught up on my UC email.

Hence some queries:
  1. Does the UC community define the Regents' fiduciary responsibilities to include rebuilding decimated state revenues, or has it given up on them?
  2. Are the Regents OK with the fact that the most destructive, humiliating cuts in modern higher education history didn't slake Sacramento's thirst for more than a week, and that at mid-year we will be talking about even more?
  3. Are the Regents OK with the lack of any visible UCOP plan for fiscal solvency, or public signs of its development?
  4. Is UCOP OK with the fact that for 20 years they refused to defend the only funding source that is arithmetically capable of sustaining high quality teaching and research under one roof - state funding?
  5. Will this shocking defeat for UC and CSU lead to real rethinking of paradigms and strategies?
  6. Is the systemwide Senate OK with parallel faculty groups springing up this summer on a majority of the campuses, with unprecedented collaborations among faculty, staff, and students, and with CUCFA serving as the only visible counterweight to UCOP's all-cuts paradigm?
  7. Could anyone in charge say, "we hear the calls for budgetary transparency and will take your questions in the order in which they are received"?
  8. Will President Yudof be using the "extreme financial emergency" to fire tenured faculty in the departments that campuses will be trying to close?
  9. Will UCOP ever run a full-page ad - copying UCLA's private fundraising ads for itself - saying the state fund cuts are killing what was the world's greatest public research university system, and that they MUST BE REVERSED?
  10. Do the current Regents want to be remembered as the great Unbuilders? Does Mark Yudof want to go down as the Un-Clark Kerr?


Anonymous said...

Re no 6: yes, where the hell is the senate leadership?

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