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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Thursday, August 20, 2009

From UC-AFT: Call for No Confidence Vote

60,000 UC Union Members Call for Vote of No Confidence in Yudof (from UC-AFT)

WHEREAS University of California (UC) President Mark Yudof has declared his intention to force crippling cuts on UC’s vital services and programs, and

WHEREAS the furloughs, layoffs , and student fee increases proposed by President Yudof are unnecessary and extremely harmful to the University and its public service mission, and

WHEREAS as recently as July 2009, UC’s strong AA1/AA bond rating was reaffirmed by Moody’s Investors Service, and UC’s Medical Centers reported a strong 5.2% operating margin and $171 million in profits for the three quarters ending March 31, 2009,and

WHEREAS UC has consistently refused to comply with state law in making transparent its financial transactions, and

WHEREAS the University, as a leading institution of higher education and a recipient of American Reinvestment and Recovery Act funds, is expected to reign in fraud, waste, and abuse, including excessive executive compensation, and

WHEREAS Roughly 3,600 UC employees earn over $200,000 in yearly salary, Chancellors currently earn an average of 22% more than their predecessors, and President Yudof earns nearly 200% more than his predecessor, and

WHEREAS President Yudof’s planned solution to decreased State General Fund appropriations bars high-wage University employees from contributing a balanced share to the budget solution, while deliberately placing thousands of vulnerable low-wage Californians at risk, and

WHEREAS Yudof’s plan fails, at the expense of vital services, to redistribute over $220 million in savings to the University by reasonably reducing spending on UC employees who gross over $200,000 annually, and

WHEREAS we see at University of California a profound crisis of principles and priorities, and we have a duty to act in unity to preserve our University and the services we provide to the people of

LET IT BE HEREBY RESOLVED THAT the University of California Union Coalition calls for a Vote of No Confidence in President Yudof, commencing on August 26 and concluding on September 3.

[Signed by California Nurses Association, UPTE, UAW, AFSCME, CUE, AFT]


Anonymous said...

Right on!

Anonymous said...

Right off - this is a terrible idea. I don't agree with everything Yudof is done but he's not the enemy here - its the legislature that funds or doesn't fund. Having a different chancellor would do NOTHING to change what the legislature will give us.

Anonymous said...


however calling for a vote of no confidence will in turn force Yudof to put pressure on the legislature and stop taking the cuts laying down.

Anonymous said...

A vote of no confidence would not give Yudof any additional leverage to "pressure" the legislature. It will just undermind his authority and give him LESS sway in Sacramento.

Eugene said...

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