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Friday, August 7, 2009

Friday, August 7, 2009

News from the Santa Barbara Yudof Protests

Some highlights from our fearless leader:

From the Daily Sound:

Yudof: “I don’t care what you write about how much I get paid,” Yudof said at a news conference after his speech. “I had to take a 10 percent cut.”

From the Pacific Coast Business Times:

“As the crowd outside shows, it’s not quite as lonely at the top as I had hoped,” Yudof said.

And from the Santa Barbara Independent:

Yudof said that his own salary was cut and that bonuses and incentive pay for those at the top have been “frozen.” “I did get a 10 percent reduction [in pay], and all I can say is it was not always what people agree with, but there are markets."

Oh, and a last word from the man himself:

"Just spoke to small business owners in Santa Barbara...told them that in some ways each researcher at UC is like a small business owner."


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