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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Links for December 1 (Updated Below)

More questions about Bratton.  He urged Brown University to arm its police.  And in case you missed it here is the CUCFA letter to Yudof opposing the hiring of Bratton.  Oh, and the Atlantic weighs in.

Rei Terada and Michael Meranze point out the larger problems exemplified in the Bratton, Robinson, and Edley appointments.

CSU Trustees postpone decision on executive compensation because of fear of protests.  They try to make it sound as if their plans make sense.

Jerry Brown to propose a tax hike on highest earners along with an increase in sales tax.

LAPD deploys overwhelming force against Occupy LASome Photos.

Arne Duncan focuses on college prices: not surprisingly his suggestions favor less human interaction.

And here is some of the latest on the Eurozone Crisis.  In case you were hoping for some calm.

Update: Unions Challenged by Tenure Track/Adjunct splits.


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