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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Links for December 7

There is now a petition demanding the withdrawal of UCR's recently announced protest guidelines.  You can sign it here.

Mr Yudof Goes to San Francisco:  Addresses Chamber of Commerce on the logic of his liberal privatization scheme.  Still doesn't recognize that it is making the University worse.

CSU applications at record levels.  Aren't they cutting back on faculty?

You will be stunned to know that large California corporations are paying very little in the way of state taxes.

Arne Duncan joins President Yudof in thinking that Universities are "graveyards."

Texas urges Supreme Court Not to take up case challenging UT Austin's use of race in admissions.

Even Knights of the Realm are coming out against the English Government's plans to turn universities into shopping centers.

"Universities Should not be run for Profit."

New Study suggests continuing problems with for-profit schools.

Labor Department proposes new rule that might strengthen the hand of private college labor unions.


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