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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Links for December 20--Special Grinch Edition

Jerry Brown announced 100 Million cut for UC, 100 Million Cut for CSU and 102 Million Cut for Commuity College System.  President Yudof  offers his normal stirring response.

UC Berkeley announces fabulous new financial aid plan where middle class families would contribute up to 25% of their gross family income to attend a public university.

Cornell announces new campus in NYC.  Apparently, Cornell's president doesn't think that Universities' tech sectors are as subservient to business as they should be.

Nancy Scheper-Hughes reflects on the decline of the public university.

Washington State tries to imitate the UK in having the state and business choosing which subjects students should study.  Oh, and they will continue to pay more tuition no matter what they choose.

In Colorado, students are paying more for public universities than ever.  And going deeper into debt.

Cooper-Union thinking of rejecting 150 years of history and charging tuition.  Sound familiar?


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