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Monday, December 5, 2011

Monday, December 5, 2011

Links for December 5

UCSD Students reclaim closed Library.

Yudof names Task Force to investigate Davis police violence.

UCR Dean of Students issues proposed guidelines telling students, staff, and faculty the proper etiquette for protestFreeUCR responds.

The Occupy movements are expanding into new areas and tactics.

CHE has new data on how much private university presidents make.  Hint....it is a lot.

Obama preaches austerity.  Public University Presidents nod and agree.

James Vernon discusses why public funding for higher ed in England has collapsed so precipitously.

David Cameron wants to bring Big Pharma into closer contact with Universities in England.  Oh, and income inequality is growing faster in England than anywhere else in the OECD.

Merkozy agree to new treaty to punish everyone but the banks.

An English professor claims literary research is really expensive -- in apparent ignorance of how much other research costs.

Charlie Schwartz prints his futile efforts to communicate with actual Regents via their secretary


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