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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Links for February 28th

Reclaim UC has a post on why to march and protest.

Even Birgenau realizes he should support it and endorses the March 5 scheduled rally.  We are not so sure about Edley.

UC continues to try to sell inequality as its product; average compensation for grads from various UC campuses differ.

Operational Excellence team lays out its vision for why they should destroy working conditions at UCB.

Academic Senate and Administration contemplate trying to restore salary scales.
State Senate refuses to confirm CSU Board Chair for another term.

Jerry Brown still thinks he is the smartest kid in the room...even when he isn't.

Rick Santorum declares war on the 18th Century.

Elsevier backs down in its efforts to limit access to publicly funded research.

New Study demonstrates large number of transfer students.  Interestingly the largest number transfer into public community colleges.

BOAR proposes a new structure for transfers to UC.

You will be stunned to know that both public and private colleges are relying increasingly on tuition.

What actually is the point of International Branch Campuses?  Inquiring Minds want to Know.

Democratic Establishment seeks to marginalize progressive voices.

UK Shocker:  Michael Gove has close ties to Rupert Murdoch!  Guess who would benefit from the privatization of education?

Photo: Rick Santorum by Jeff Kowalsky/European Pressphoto Agency


Anonymous said...

Most of the problems that OE lists as having to do with departments are actually problems handed down to us from the central offices (too much complex, illogical processing, too little training). Academic departments have been weeding out non-productive staff for years due to budget cuts; I really doubt any departments were clamoring that Shared Services help them get rid of their deadwood staff.

Anonymous said...

Intl. branch campuses are only new to the USA, which is more than a decade behind Europe on this regard. European universities have some large branch campuses, not the small undergrad campuses described in the Chronicle article linked here. And they use these to increase their international enrollment, which again in the case of US universities (And UC esp) is woefully behind.

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