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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Links for February 8, 2012

CSUN Associated Students oppose Brown's budget.   Here is more on the threats to CSU (h/t Cloudminder for these 2)

The LAO also opposes the budget: they don't like Brown's plan to promise increases for higher ed if his tax plans are successful.

Speaker Perez has a plan to aid middle-students in Higher Ed, but does he stand a chance to get the Republican votes he needs?
Pérez proposes college cost cuts (photo: Rich Pedroncelli, AP)

Think you understand the demographics of the community college population?  Think again.

Pennsylvania governor seeks to slaughter public higher Ed.

Money Talks:  Is Columbia University sacrificing its Core in search of a new money driven science campus?

"Do unpaid internships exploit college students?" The New York Times wants to know.

Stanford raises tuition 3% for coming year.   Oh, by the way, they just raised over 6 Billion in a 5 year fund drive.

Romney's tax plan: lower taxes for those at the top, raise them for those at the bottom.

Rumors are that California and New York are joining the settlement to let banks off the hook.

More from Krugman on the conservative attempt to blame morals for inequality rather than the economy.

In England the Tories reject a Liberal Dem nominated to manage access to higher education.  Apparently, they didn't like that he was critical of higher tuition.

Greek government agrees to economic destruction to appease the bankers.


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