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Monday, February 13, 2012

Monday, February 13, 2012

UC Davis Faculty to Vote On Motion of Non-Confidence in Chancellor Katehi

It is now 3 months since the cases of police violence at Berkeley and Davis.  Although UC's senior managers expressed profound concern and promised accelerated investigations, one involving former NYPD and LAPD chief and Kroll chairman William Bratton, there have been no reports produced on the police or on the decisions behind them at either Berkeley or Davis.  At Davis, investigators had problems gaining access even to police who were not involved in the violence, and they still have not received permission to speak to either the Police Chief or the officers being investigated.  Meanwhile, the Davis administration spent $100,000 on a communications consultant to manage the messaging in the early days.  The cost of the external investigations of the police is still unknown.

Like their counterparts at Berkeley, faculty at UC Davis have successfully forced a Divisional vote on a no-confidence motion.  And as at Berkeley, this effort has triggered a series of counter-motions that may cloud the issue considerably.

The original motion of no-confidence in Chancellor Katehi is here and a motion of in opposition to police violence is here.  There is also a counter-motion that condemns the police action but praises Katehi.  It can be found here.

David Copp has offered an analysis of the motion that blames the police and praises the Chancellor.

David Wittman offers his analysis of the situation facing Senate members.

The Voting closes Friday, the 17th at 5 P.M.


Unknown said...

UC Berkeley Chancellor's campus police used on students protesting the doubling of tuition by Chancellor Birgeneau.

Retire Chancellor Birgeneau

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