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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Links for February 7, 2012

Charlie Schwartz has a new piece on how to read university budgets.

Reclaim UC has a new flyer on privatization and race, and class inequalities.

Mark Yudof tries to explain how really there is no great debt burden for UC students.  No, it is not convincing.
UC President Mark Yudof (frontpagemag.com)
 UC may borrow money to lend to the State.

The California Budget Project details the social harm threatened by Brown's budget.

Do the Sacramento Democrats really want to win 2/3 control of the legislature?

Mike Konczal on the "privatization trap."

Is Prop 98 in trouble?

MIT has decided to "sort of" offer credentials through its online courses.

SUNY faculty decide to separate from AAUP.  They are concerned that there is not enough organizing on the local levels.

As President Obama suggests a race to the top in Higher Ed, the NYT reminds us how poorly it has worked in K-12; in Texas a revolt against standardized testing is brewing.

Krugman warns against letting the policy elite use the jobs report to cut back on support for the economy.  Oh, and he also offers some thoughts on the latest Charles Murray nonsense.


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