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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Real Rhetorical Improvement

On the furlough item, J2, the 10 Chancellors told genuinely moving tales of catastrophic cuts on their various campuses, both in stats and specific images. I'll try to include excepts later. terrible stuff: average class size at UCLA to go to 60, at UCSD to 40, declining staff and faculty numbers all around.

very rough steno notes.
Lt Gov Garmendi asks the 10 chancellors: are you willing to go out publicly and fight for revenue for the university, and support AB 565.
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Kirsten said...

You can assemble a very rough transcript by scrolling through the student regent's tweets during this morning's meeting: @jessecheng1

xicano said...

I believe only four of the chancellors made mention of the impact of the crisis on the UC's relationship with historically excluded communities (HEC). 1. Chancellor Bishop of USF reported that the percentage of HEC students at the USF med school is declining due to applicants opting for better offers elsewhere. The crisis, he said, will exacerbate the problem. 2. Chancellor Block of UCLA emphasized that the passage of J2 will "defer diversifying the faculty." 3. Chancellor White of Riverside was the most eloquent on the HEC issue. He made a spirited defense of his campus (an indirect salvo aimed at those who suggested shuttering UCR and Merced?) and ended by saying his campus would never "wave the white flag" (multiple meanings here if diversity concerns are to be bracketed). 4. Chancellor Kang of UC Merced, the campus with the most HEC students, also bravely defended diversity and his campus.

Constance Penley said...

I just wish the Chancellors had been able to speak BEFORE the vote to cut the budget!

xicano said...

The chancellors did in fact speak before the vote on J2 was taken--first the chancellors from campuses with med schools, then the others. All of the chancellors stressed the fact that their campus could probably survive one year of furloughs/cuts but not two or more. And yet the undercurrent of the entire day was that Yudof will have to repeat the cuts next year if something major doesn't change. Lt. Gov. Garamendi warned the Regents that next year's state budget will be as bad if not worse than this year.

Chris Newfield said...

completely agree with xicano on the strong chancellors. My personal favorite was also Riverside - he really nailed the problem

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