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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

UCSF Faculty Association Resolution

This is a statement from UCSF professor and Faculty Association representative Warren Gold, followed by a UCSF FA resolution.

I am tired of the continuing discussion of "sharing the pain" and achieving "equity" in dealing with the present budget crisis. I oppose all three options that President Yudof has presented us.

I think the reports by the systemwide committee on planning and budget in the past (CUTS report and FUTURES report) demonstrated that the Michigan model will not solve our problems. Instead, it will generate a smaller privately funded institution, with reduced programs and accessibility and higher fees. The recent reports about budget deficits at Michigan despite another huge increase in student fees certainly supports that conclusion.

I do not accept the position taken by UCOP and the Regents that in addition to giving up on state support of education we should also sacrifice the research engine of what was once a great public university.

Instead the UCSF Faculty Association Board endorses the following proposal:

#1--an average reduction in salary of 15% for executives, graduated so that the tax rate is higher for those making higher incomes. From about 3000 such administrators --10% of UC employees --this would generate about $121 million.

#2--the clinical medical centers generated large profits in 2008, much of the profit went to bonuses for executives and clinical faculty. 15% of this bonus pay would generate another $100 million to invest in education for a total of $221 million, or enough to meet the goal set by President Yudof.

#3--Steps #1 and #2 are only short term fixes. We demand a strong statement from UCOP and the Regents that they have a long-term commitment to a public university of high quality, diversity, and accessibility supported by state funding.


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