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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Regent Gould Announces Commission on UC Future

Sorry about the delay in postng the announcement for "the Commission on the Future of UC." My Blogger software was rejecting it unless I typed in "Commission of the People Who Dug the Hole We're In.'


Anonymous said...

Has anyone explained what this footnote from Yudof's fiurlough plan will mean:

"*Senior Management Group members will receive a maximum of 10 furlough days, regardless of pay scale."

Does that mean a less than 4% pay reduction for senior management? Or will they be getting 8%, 9%, 10% depending on their pay level, but only getting 10 days off from work (while UCOP intends faculty to get 0 days)?

Rand Steiger said...

Only three faculty members out of 18 commission members. This is a very serious blow to the tradition of faculty governance, and requires a strong response from the faculty.

Anonymous said...

Might it be good that Zaremberg is on it? - did you see his one-liner about the UC system in the NYT last week (he said something like "he'd match our higher ed system to Nevada's any day" - I know, not much of a comparison, but it was in the context of an article about Nevada trying to lure Californians and California businesses away, and Zaremberg touting the virtues of the state despite the budget crisis). Anyone know anything else about him?

Here's the link to the NYT piece:

Chris Newfield said...

Rand - I count 2 (current chair and vice-chair of the systemwide Senate). Who am I missing? There's no rep from a general campus, no one representing the state-paid employees that are the ones that got cut and remain vulnerable. It's profoundly unrepresentative of the people who work for the university and have over decades made it what it is today.

to Anonymous - it's the latter - admin won't get to take more than 10 days off even if their high salary range technically entitles them to more. Chris

Lisa Hajjar said...

3rd faculty is Dean Edley of Boalt aka Mr. Cyber-Campus XI.

Chris Newfield said...

not willing to count Edley as faculty. don't know Zaremberg but will research - C

Anonymous said...

Mentions "additional faculty representative" here


Chris Newfield said...

good catch! and they will use the working groups as a place to stockpile some diversity - C

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