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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Pay Search Tool Confirms Pay Furloughs Yield 3 Times UCOP Stated Amount

Jeffrey Bergamini of UC Davis has developed a UC pay search tool. One finding is that the furlough's pay reductions yield around $600 million, not the $184.1 million described on p 5 of Regents's J2. Charles Schwartz first raised the issue in mid-June of the gap between stated and projected furlough revenues. If there is a simple explanation for this, UCOP has not given it. It has not in fact addressed the question at all.

Bergamini also suggests that the lower amount of savings could come from the upper brackets.


Aldo Antonelli said...

Yes, that is something I also pointed out:


Just looking at the average savings it's clear that the furlough numbers DO NOT ADD UP.

Aldo Antonelli said...

Let me just add this:

If 200 million represent an 8% pay cut of the salary of about 180,000 UC employees, then the average salary at UC is $12,500.

Obviously something is wrong.

Andrew Dickson said...

This is not strictly true. Document J2 for the Regent's recent meeting addresses this at the foot of p. 8 where total savings are estimated as $515.5 million.

The savings at the medical centers will then stay there (p. 9) for other budgetary purposes. Less clear is what will happen to savings from the various "Auxiliary Enterprises".

Unknown said...

In regard to savings from "Auxiliary Enterprises," unless the money remains where the salary cuts are being implemented, some sectors of the university will suffer greater funding reductions, thereby leading to Chris's prediction of rich satellite (particularly medical) centers attached to a shrinking and underfunded college, which will carry the burden of undergraduate education with reduced faculty and TA's and larger classes.

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