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Monday, November 14, 2011

Monday, November 14, 2011

Links for November 14th

Skepticism is expressed about the official explanation of cancellation

Occupy Cal call for Tuesday's strike and other actions.  Further Information can be found here.
 CFA on the CSU November 17th Strikes.

UC Berkeley Chancellor Birgeneau describes November 9 video of police attack on protesters "very disturbing"

Student Activism on Margo Bennett and UC Policy.

Hundreds of Berkeley Teachers sign letter condemning last week's police violence.

Members of the Free Speech Movement speak out.

Hundreds of Police move against Occupy Oakland.  More here.  Occupations are still growing despite official opposition.

UCMEP announces Mockupy Cal in solidarity with Birgenau and the Plutocracy.

CFA on the growing campus inequalities and declining services under Chancellor Reed.

Gary Rhoades: "Enough is Enough."

New Study debunks the claims that Texas professors don't work.

Dean Baker points out why socking the middle class to pay down the deficit is not necessary despite what the political class wants you to believe. He also talks about why economists believe in myths.

You will be shocked to learn that in Britain private Academy Schools are receiving public funds and giving executives and administrators huge salaries.

Heat Teachers' Union in England vote to go on strike for the 1st time in their 114 year history .

One of Cameron's Ministers suggests that the Government would be okay with it if workers only went on 15 minute strike later this month.

Glenn Greenwald revels in the media's reverence for meritocracy as evidenced by NBC's hiring of Chelsea Clinton (as well as Jenna Bush and Meghan McCain).


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