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Friday, November 4, 2011

Friday, November 4, 2011

Links for November 4

In Oakland, Occupy supporters and city officials debated at a public meeting.  And you can get more information here.

Assembly Budget Committee expects 5-8 Billion dollar deficit next year.

Students and professors are trying to steer graduates to useful work, offering alternatives to Wall Street.

Silicon Valley Investor donates $150 Million to Stanford Business School for program to fight poverty; proves irony is not dead.

Harvard Students Walk Out of Economics lecture class because they want education not propaganda.  Not sure what else they expected from Harvard economics though.

In Texas, one community college system board is debating whether to end tenure, they have already set up rules to punish tenured faculty from "grumbling" about superiors.

Occupy Wall Street is organizing a march against the bogus bank fraud settlement.   Greg Palast has the latest on Goldman Sachs' effort to pressure OWS's bank.  They are using taxpayer money to do so by the way.

Dean Baker points out that, despite some improvement in the latest job figures, at this pace it will take 33 years for the unemployment rate to return to pre-recession levels.

Thousands are moving their money to credit unions.

NYT tries to claim that poverty isn't so bad.  No joke.

Have a good weekend.


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