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Monday, November 28, 2011

Monday, November 28, 2011

Live blogging regents as best we can

9:18 president yudof speaking. Claims that due to ucop cuts and efficiencies if the state gives back some funding there will not be tuition. Not sure how he figures that. Then assures us all that we are all on the same side and he wants to protect dissent.

9:20 student regent speaking. Wanted part of meetng at davis so students could be heard. But there were few regents at dsvis to avoid large police presence. Asks students to speak. Student regents horrified by police actions at davis and berkeley. Acknowledges passion of protesters. Student regents moving on legislative front. "world is with students." But mist remain non-violent.

9:24. Speaker Perez speaking. Appalled by the police action. "unacceptable police response." police undermined claim to believe in first amendment. Were the police acting within policy? "inspired" by student response. Bratton commission cannot address the issue of the broader question of why students are protesting. Recent state budgets have lost sight of core values. Opposes the whole idea of tuition. Should only be old fees not an embrace of the notion of tuition. Pledges to work for more progressive tax system and use extra resources to fully fund higher ed. Thanks the students.

9:30 chair lansing claims to agree with perez.

9:31 perez responds by pointing out that UC leadership leadership needs to step up.

9:32 Lansing again proclaims her commitment to open debate.

9:41 criticizes inequality of chancellors' salaries when students can't afford tuition.

Rules limit public comments to one minute.

At ucla can hear chants of "our university" through the walls.

9:35 public comments begin. Criticize regents and uc for betraying the master plan and for creating an undemocratic and hostile environment.

9:42-9:45 crticizes the fact that chancellors are getting raises while students can't afford tuition. Also demands truly indepent investigation of police.

9:47 demands redirection of funds from prisons to higher ed. Challenges perez and regents

9:48 tuition going up every year. Challenges raising tuition. Students will not be able to afford uc.

9:50 police violence especially espects students of color as will the tuition raises.

9:50 graduate student researcher in solidarity with undergrads. Tuition increases limit access. Administrators salaries go up so does tuition. Demands regents change this pattern and recognize that the whole world is watching.

9:55 not interested if regents feel bad. Demands that there br no fee hikes. Regents must give priority to public not private interests.

9:58 AS Merced student reads whereases in favor of regents efforts (i think).

10:00 students should come first they are the future.

10:00 challenges regents to hold tuition down. Regents need to do more.

10:02 UAW speaker calls for regents to sign the refund california statement and commit to greater transparency. Millions are spent in unclear ways.

10:03 Thelma Montoya speaks to Uc's failure to protection of free speech and uc's failure to protect students from discriminatory harrassment.

10:05 UAW president: regents must make a choice between empty words and behaving like regents of a public trust. Regents have to decide who is going to pay for the mess they have created.

10:07 charlie schwartz talking about the mess of university finances and how much students are being charged.

10:10-10:55 continuing demonstration of regents' lack of legitimacy. More later.


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