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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Links for November 17

Cal State Trustees flee meeting room: still vote to increase Fees by 9%.

Student Regent speaks out against the postponement of this week's Regents meeting.

LAO predicts low revenue:  Huge budget cuts are on the way.  LAO estimates up to 2 Billion in cuts.  Dan Mitchell looks down the road at the likely effects.

Occupy Cal Reminds teaches the Administration some History.  And some poetry as well.  (t/h the 2 Cs)

UC Berkeley calls in police from surrounding towns to clear out Sproul Plaza.  More here with pictures.

Now we know why Birgenau wasn't paying attention last week:  Berkeley signs agreement to establish an engineering center in Shanghai. (t/h CC)

Most Californians think Higher Education is heading in the wrong direction.  The definition of the problem is mixed.

Community College Students find it increasingly difficult to get into the classes they need.

Campaign to refuse student debt.

Cutting Public Sector is Killing the Job Market.  And with it the economy.

More on the Federal Role in the crackdown on Occupy encampments.  Mayors and Police Chiefs reportedly coordinated tactics and plans.  And who is paying for the raids?

Occupy Wall Street marches on Wall Street.  Returns to Park.

Occupy movement Subject Guide.

Occupy UCLA.

Job Prospects for College Graduates expected to improve slightly.

From the Way-Back Machine:  Berkeley Faculty Condemn Outside Political Interference in the University's Business. (t/h CC)


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