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Friday, November 25, 2011

Friday, November 25, 2011

UC Trunchon and Pepper Spray Response Roundup (Expanded 1)


English Department  (Wa Po coverage)
Physics Department (partial)
Davis Faculty Association Board

The overall petition for Chancellor Katehi's resignation is  nearing 100,000 signatures.
The Davis Enterprise has an Occupy Davis timeline


UC Academic Council (Robert Anderson to Mark Yudof)
UCD's Nathan Brown (Katehi Must Resign) Rally Speech Nov 21
UCD's Cynthia Carter Ching (We Faculty Let Students Down)
UCI Academic Senate Chair Craig Martens 
UCLA English Dept (Solidarity with UC Berkeley English)
UCLA Faculty United (On Removal of Occupy UCLA)
UC Merced Academic Senate Chair Susan Amussen
UCSD Faculty Association (Power of Collective Action)
UCSB Faculty (Letter to Chancellor Yang - Renounce Police Response)
UCSC Academic Senate (Statement; also Chair Susan Gillman on "Rebenching" as an underlying protest issue)
UCSC Graduate Student Association (Demonstration in Support of UC Davis faculty 11/28)


California Scholars for Academic Freedom
CUCFA (petition version),
Middle Eastern Studies Association
USC Faculty Statement on UC Police Conduct


Chancellor Robert Birgeneau, Berkeley campus (Nov 14 and Nov 22, on Berkeley police violence Nov 9)
Chancellor Linda Katehi, Davis campus (Oct 26 Principles of Community; Nov 18, Nov 19, Nov 21 apology, Vimeo apology;
Campus Protest News)
Chancellor Michael Drake, Irvine campus.
Chancellor Gene Block, Los Angeles Campus
Chancellor Dorothy Leland, Merced campus
Chancellor Timothy White, Riverside campus
Chancellor Marye Anne Fox, San Diego campus
Chancellor Henry Yang, Santa Barbara campus.
Chancellor George Blumenthal, Santa Cruz campus


No-confidence resolution (Profs. Brown, Thorne, and Butler)
Three competing resolutions


Anonymous said...

As protesters festively (oops! I mean “heroically”) rally on college
quads across California in the wake of the gratuitous macing of a dozen
Occupy Wall Street wannabes at University of California–Davis last Friday,
UC Berkeley’s Vice Chancellor for Equity and Inclusion declared that the
rising tuition at California’s public universities is giving him
It should, since Vice Chancellor for Equity and Inclusion Gibor Basri and
his fellow diversity bureaucrats are a large
causeof those
skyrocketing college fees, not just in California but nationally.

It is to be expected that students will be immaculately ignorant of the
matters they protest, but it takes a special type of gall for a bureaucrat
such as Basri to shed crocodile tears over California’s tuition increases,
which had been a seeming target of OWS-inspired protest before the brutish
UC Davis pepper-spray incident provided a more mediagenic reason to cut
classes. OWSers are threatrically calling for a general strike of the
University of California this coming Monday.

Basri commands a staff of 17, allegedly all required to make sure that
fanatically left-wing UC Berkeley is sufficiently attuned to the values of
“diversity” and “inclusion”; his 2009 base pay of $194,000 was nearly four
times that of starting assistant professors. Basri was given responsibility
for a $4.5 million slice of Berkeley’s vast diversity bureaucracy when he
became the school’s first Vice Chancellor for Equity and Inclusion in 2007;
since then, the programs under his control have undoubtedly weathered the
recession far more comfortably than mere academic endeavors.

UC Berkeley’s diversity apparatus, which spreads far beyond the office of
the VC for E and I, is utterly typical. For the last three decades,
colleges have added more and more tuition-busting bureaucratic fat; since
2006, full-time administrators have outnumbered faculty nationally. UC
Davis, for example, whose modest OWS movement has been happily energized by
the conceit that the campus is a police state, offers the usual menu of
diversity effluvia under the auspices of an Associate Executive Vice
Chancellor for Campus Community
A flow chart of Linnaean complexity would be needed to accurately map all
the activities overseen by the AEVC for CCR. They include a Diversity
Trainers Institute ,
staffed by Davis’s Administrator of Diversity Education; the Director of
Faculty Relations and Development in Academic Personnel; the Director of
the UC Davis Cross-Cultural Center; the Director of the Lesbian, Gay,
Bisexual, Transgender Resource Center; an Education Specialist with the UC
Davis Sexual Harassment Education Program; an Academic Enrichment
Coordinator with the UC Davis Department of Academic Preparation Programs;
and the Diversity Program Coordinator and Early Resolution Discrimination
Coordinator with the Office of Campus Community Relations. The Diversity
Trainers Institute recruits “a cadre of individuals who will serve as
diversity trainers/educators,” a function that would seem largely
superfluous, given that the Associate Executive Vice Chancellor for Campus
Community Relations already offers a Diversity Education

Chris Newfield said...

your point about bureaucratic bloat is well taken, but the diversity apparatus is a drop in the overall admin bucket, and hardly the place to chop given UC's racial underrepresentation problems, which ongoing cuts are likely to worsen. All studies of student attainment show that support services are crucial to student success, particularly of those who are at risk of withdrawing for financial or other reasons. I'd love to hear specific suggestions for getting the diversity system more involved in high-quality, hands-on education, or for better coordination.

Anonymous said...

UC Davis Chancellor Katehi’s past: police repression in Greece, FBI spying in the US, http://wsws.org/articles/2011/nov2011/kate-n28.shtml

An excerpt from the above article:

Katehi has spent the past week and a half defending herself against demands for her resignation, while making half-hearted attempts to distance herself from the police violence.

However, Katehi’s claims of innocence in the matter are belied by her past. She has played a major role in developing repressive measures against students protesting austerity measures and is a prime example of the growing nexus between corporate CEOs, academic administrators and the police-intelligence apparatus.

Katehi’s has been involved with police crackdowns in her home country of Greece, is one of 20 administrators involved in a national FBI network aimed at monitoring “anti-U.S.” activities on college campuses, and has overseen an administration-run campus infiltration program.

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