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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Officer 14 Tweaks on the Line- Occupy Cal 11/9 (UPDATED ACROSS THE DAY)

Penn State students riot for football coach fired in coaching staff molestation scandal (grand jury report).  The Nation follows up with a comparison of Berkeley and Penn State.

Crowds at Occupy Cal - Daily Cal Coverage.  Mercury News coverage with photos. SF Chronicle story and slideshow.  The AtlanticWire has a digest of news coverage.
Occupy Santa CruzOccupy UCLA. Occupy UC Irvine, Occupy San Diego  

And here is a first-hand report from Irvine:

Report from Irvine by anonymous
"We had a spirited teach-in and march in which about 400 participated, followed by a General Assembly in front of the administration building. TA and lecturer union reps, librarians, queer student groups, graduate and undergraduate students, and faculty spoke at the teach-in. Between the teach-in and the GA the students marched into ongoing classes and through the science library and the UCI bookstore. They chanted "Students' needs, not corporate greed" and "Educate, Occupy. Take back UCI." The OC Register has of course written us up with special attention to our profanity. (At one station of the march, a student began his speech with "My name is Alexander, I'm a student here and I'm fucking pissed off!")" 

Berkeley City Council has decided not to renew mutual aid agreements with UCPD and neighboring police forces in aftermath of recent police violence.  h/t CC

Thousands March in London.

OWS and the Reeducation of Desire.


Anonymous said...


What happened to UCSB?

Chris Newfield said...

no Dean Evans with his pirate eyepatch. The current UCSB admin is as unhappy with tuition hikes as are the students, meaning that on the big simple problems like lack of affordability the villians all seem far away. There is also a lack of decent information and local coverage, and of militant student leadership, and of a crusading senate and, last but not least of unscheduled time (most of my students work 10-30 hours per week) . . .I know from many conversations and emails that student discontent is there, but it needs an object and organization before it can become publicly active.
thanks for the clip

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