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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Links for November 16

Huge Protests at UC Berkeley.  Here is a slideshow.  General Assembly votes to rebuild encampment.  Here was a live blogProtests across the CSU and UC systems: UC Davis with a slideshowOccupy Northridge.

Robert Reich: "The Days of Apathy are Over." With Video.  Even NPR realized it was important.

UC Berkeley Law Professors Condemn Police Violence.

Nathan Brown: Debt, Privatization, and Police Violence.

CSU Fees still going up.

Occupy Wall Street Looks to the Future as it debates its next steps.  Looks like the smearing of the Occupy Movement may be having some effect on its public support.

Here is more on the press repression at the invasion of OWS.   Of course the NYT is still trying to pretend it was all thoughtful and considerate.

And more data on wealth inequality.

Duke and Harvard making the Berkeley administration look even worse.

And in other news:

NSF Funding may receive a boost.


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